Press Release April 2020

Chaos and Control brings together a group of five first year BAFA artists at UAL Chelsea. In the current pandemic of Covid-19 we are all searching for control amongst the chaos. Believe it or not, the title of this show predates the outbreak and lockdown that is presently taking place throughout the world and was conceived as an expression of the bewilderment of finding your voice in the making of art. Chaos and Control is more pertinent and universal as ever. As artists we have adapted to our ways of making and evolved from an offsite into an online show.

Caroline Ashley

Caroline is a multidisciplinary artist who has a strong interest in materials, found objects, and using the space as a protagonist within the work. Having had to leave a ceramics practice behind whilst in lockdown she is keen to explore other areas of artistic enquiry including, outdoor sculpture, weaving, and continuing on with her drawing practice to push ideas further as she believed this could be the key to the control in the chaos of her experimentation. In the lockdown she is forced to confront her digital demons; how to express the physicality of her practice with a new online presence.

Aarushi Fatehpuria

Aarushi has returned to India where she is making the best of her current provisions. She strongly leans on the idea of using different materialistic approaches which have been specification to her paintings. Enduring the pandemic has highlighted to her that the theory of containment is paramount to her work and directly related to the idea of control and chaos. Her intention is to explore how containment can be depicted in her painting, to justify her ideas and her own perception of the theme.

Marnie Green

Marnie Green is a conceptual artist with an experimental based practice, interested in both 2D and 3D, and how humans interact with a space.  However, Chaos and control has taken a new meaning for her during this period. Removing herself from deeper concepts, bringing herself back to simplicity. By understanding that humans have an innate instinct to control and conquer, with this pandemic, we must let the chaos pass. Therefore, her art during this period, has been about trying to resist the fight of what we cannot change, and to go with the direction of the wind, expressed mainly in Lino prints and clay sculptures, as well as still life installations and observational drawings to make the most of her limited resources.

Sara Kleib

Sara has flown to join her family in France and has continued to work with digital media on the environment around her, adapting her work to her new surroundings, the suburbs of Paris during the lockdown, as she first focused her artistic production on the study of her friends in London. The main subject of her work has switched from describing the life in student halls to the apocalyptic atmosphere of the global pandemic and is expressed with video and drawing as main media.

Maddison Knight

Maddison Knight is a versatile artist who is exploring scale, colour and the themes of ambiguity and oppression. Her main practice is painting but is intrigued to refine other mediums. During isolation she turns to her own thoughts by contemplating existence as a form of control. Experimenting with varied forms of video alongside painting has enabled her to look at another side of isolation in a more intimate way. In contrast to her previous work, she has opened her mind to deeper meaning through visuals to allow her chaos to be set free.