Marnie Green

Marnie Green is a conceptual artist with an experimental based practice, interested in both 2D and 3D, and how humans interact with a space.  However, Chaos and control has taken a new meaning for her during this period. Removing herself from deeper concepts, bringing herself back to simplicity. By understanding that humans have an innate instinct to control and conquer, with this pandemic, we must let the chaos pass. Therefore, her art during this period, has been about trying to resist the fight of what we cannot change, and to go with the direction of the wind, expressed mainly in Lino prints and clay sculptures, as well as still life installations and observational drawings to make the most of her limited resources.

Still life 2, 60x83cm, Charcoal on paper
Still life 3 ,41x59cm, Charcoal on paper
Lino Print, 30x15cm, Black ink on paper
Lino Print, 30x30cm, Black ink on paper